INSPIRATION – The Gathering of Teachers


“When we awaken to our truth, we realize we are free.” ― Kristi Bowman

COUNTRY – United States

My heart is bursting with so much love! It feels incredible to be alive!

It is amazing to see how an inspired individual can uplift you by creating such a moving masterpiece that touches the heart and warms the soul – leaving me in awe.

The visuals, music and words completely resonated with my being; so much so that chills rippled down my spine and got me goose bumps all over – totally knocking me off my feet!!!!

I can still feel the tingling sensation I get from certain parts of the video and felt the tears well-up as the profound words: “..hold the picture of who they really are so clearly in your mind, that when they’re with you, they see it too..” and I swear I saw Jesus’ face on that man that smiled right at me.

This astoundingly brilliant clip has captured the essence of what it really means to be alive during this time that many are calling “the time of awakening;” and its powerful message that hits the very core of who I truly am.

My self-awareness was definitely heighten realizing that the greater portion of me is my soul – my inner being; and nothing feels better than being one with who I have become because of the life that I have lived and continue to live here on earth.

Life is sooo good and living it with much passion and zest by loving purposely fulfils my intention as to why I decided to come forth to this world.

What a beautiful way to end my evening. Unconditional love is where it’s at and it is love in its purest form.

I love living on the Leading Edge. It truly is a fantastic journey that lights up my life! All I can say is “Gimme more!”


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