FITNESS – Stretch & Flexibility Exercises with Coach Kozak & Jen Hilman

FITNESS –  Stretch & Flexibility Exercises with Coach Kozak & Jen Hilman

“A healthy attitude is contagious; but don’t wait to catch it from others. Be a carrier” – Tom Stoppard

For those of you who enjoy working out or going to the spa because it feels oh-so-good, then you and I have something in common. Although I don’t go to the gym,I do try to work-out at the privacy of my room. Recently, I’ve consciously decided to incorporate  an exercise routine during my mornings – after listening to some inspirational videos.

My goal is to do this every other day focusing on my abs for one day, then my upper body followed by my lower body. Hopefully I get to follow-through with this as I would like to tone myself up, and most importantly, feel good in the process.

I have to admit that when I started to search for videos on stretching, it was because I thought it was the right thing to do before you start your work-out. What I noticed was that stretching alone has helped me in a huge way when it comes to relieving body pains and head aches which got me so addicted to it. Now whenever I have the time, I search online for videos on stretching because I am blown away by how good it feels when my blood seems to be flowing – giving me this incredible feeling of being alive.

Currently, there are two videos that I normally use for stretching before I begin my work-out. The first one is something that I’ve been using for quite some time. It caught my attention because of the word “Flexibility” which I would like to have more of. Physically, I felt like my cells were re-energized. So much so that my back pains and body aches seemingly melted away.

Now the first video is by Joshua “Coach” Kozak. I really love the way he conveys his message to his viewers and his enthusiasm in wanting to get you pumped up during this cool-down routine (although I actually use this before I do my work-out). You immediately feel his exuberance early in the morning which I happily welcome. With this video, I learned some new stretches for my shoulders which is pretty awesome. I’m just so amazed at how my body responded positively by doing coach’s 17-minute stretch session which definitely worked wonders for me. After all, it doesn’t hurt to find relief for your sore muscles. As for his floor exercises, feel free to use your bed. After watching several videos online, I realized that your bed is a good alternative to the floor 🙂

COUNTRY – San Antonio, Texas, USA

Now if you’ve notice, Coach Kozak didn’t have any head or neck stretches which is something vital to me given the discomfort I was getting in those particular regions. I made it a point to search for a video specifically for that; and that is how I found Jen Hilman’s videos.

This was something i really needed right from the get go because I have been experiencing some stiffness in my neck and shoulder blade area. I clearly felt  some motion of fluidity once the tension subsided – which helped loosen me up; leaving me feeling soothed and relaxed which brought such peace to my being. I also find this extremely helpful whenever i have a migraine. I just felt so fabulous that i immediately included this in my stretching routine right after trying it out.

ONLINE SOURCE – Psychetruth
COUNTRY – Austin, Texas, USA

Again, i enjoy things that are EASY TO DO which is why I find these two videos in particular highly beneficial, user-friendly and so practical because you can do these simple techniques anytime and anywhere.

I also added an additional video of a dog doing stretches with his human. It has nothing to do with this article but i just thought I’d add it for some cuteness factor. Hope it leaves a smile on your face as did with me 🙂



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