ART – 3D Latte Art: Kazuki Yamamoto’s Coffee Cup Art

3D Foam Sculptures

3D Foam Sculptures “Come on, don’t you ever stop and smell the coffee?” ― Justina Chen

3D latte art cute cartoon characters

ARTIST – Kazuki Yamamoto
COUNTRY – Osaka, Japan

Hear ye….Hear ye…All ye avid coffee drinkers and 3D latte art enthusiasts…we have come together to celebrate one of the most fascinating and talked about young sculptures of 3D foam art – Kazuki Yamamoto! This 26-year-old Japanese latte artist has captivated thousands of online lookers (yours truly included as I am a non-recovering Coffee-holic) and judging by his designs, he is quite the character too – which is always a plus in my book.

With his cute cartoon characters designed to amaze and delight you, it’s practically obvious why people snap shots of his temporary masterpieces  before drinking it up. More so, these latte art portraits of his is sure to leave you smiling all day after finishing your cup – I know I would given the chance that I could sip on one.

3D Latte Art latte art portraits

It’s pretty much expected that anyone and everyone in this internet-crazed world would be into things that are remarkably interesting, visually stimulating and mildly entertaining. Enter our cappuccino master, yummy Yamamoto, whose talent in the arts and passion for coffee has made him into a viral sensation.

Now I just had a thought about his deliciously designed treats – would it still be hot when served? Well, I guess with over 115K followers in Twitter alone, I must say, he is definitely sizzling up the social media-sphere.

3D latte art cartoon character creator

So what really makes Kazuki Yamamoto, our 3D latte art  and cartoon character creator special? Simple, he makes something that is seemingly ordinary (drinking a cup of coffee) into something extraordinary. He has made things a tad more interesting by showing us that a cup of coffee can go a long long long long way in making us happy – even for just a day. Kudos Kazuki for adding flair to this world’s fresh brew…no worries Folgers, you will always have daddy followers for you.

3D Latte Art cartoon character design


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